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Our Tea

A Taste of Taiwan

With the first records of tea trees being recorded in 18th century in present-day Yuchi, Puli, and Nantou County, Taiwanese tea culture has expanded into a modern day phenomenon encompassing social consumption, traditional tea ceremonies, art & music, Taiwanese culture appreciation, etc.  Taiwan's climate and tea technology allows the production high-quality tea leading to a large amount of the world's teas to be produced in Taiwan. Taiwan produces 20% of the world oolong production. 

Tea Hill sources our tea straight from Taiwanese tea farms in Miaoli, Nantou, Pingtung, Taichung, Yunlin, Alishan, and Taitung mountain ranges. Tea Hill hopes to share Taiwanese culture in North Carolina in the best way possible, through taste. To bring a taste of Taiwan to the Triangle, Tea Hill uses the four main traditional Taiwanese teas : Black, Green, Oolong, and White Tea. We also use Earl Grey to bring new popular drinks that have evolved in present-day Taiwan. 

All of our teas are brewed in-house using loose leaf black, floral jasmine green, oolong, and earl grey tea. 

Our white tea is brewed through in single servings to ensure to the clarify and refine taste of the tea. 

Quality is our Priority

We source our teas from tea farms that have been visited and trusted by the owner. We are constantly communication with the tea farmers regarding the tea fields we source from. 

Constantly revising and adjusting our cooking methods of boba and tea to ensure quality than quantity, we maintain the highest quality of product and serve that to our community. 

With the support from our tea community in Chapel Hill and Triangle in NC, we are committed to serve nothing but the finest taste of Taiwan in our tea room for our community. 


Tea Hill USA

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