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= Sugar not adjustable

= Alternative Milks Available

fruit teas

Passion Fruit (B/G) 
+Tart & Sweet Passion fruit tea with you choice of green or black tea
Mango (G/B)
+Tropical & sweet mango tea with your choice of green or black tea
Wintermelon (B/G)
+Sweet vanilla notes & cucumber with your choice of green or black tea


Lychee Green
+Jasmine green tea with lychee flavoring
Peach Oolong
+Oolong tea with sweet peach flavoring
Strawberry Black
+Assam black tea with strawberry flavoring
+Tart pineapple flavoring with your choice of any tea base

milk teas:

Classic Black 
+A fan favorite milk tea for it rick and deep flavor and creamy texture. High caffeine level. Pairs well with boba.
Floral Jasmine Green
+Creamy green milk tea with hints of flor notes. Low caffeine level. Pairs best with pudding & boba.
Taiwan Oolong
+The perfect light cross between green and black tea with refreshing roasted and floral notes.
Earl Grey
+Similar to black tea with hints of floral and citrus flavors. High caffeine level. 
+Sweet and creamy milk with hints of vanilla. Comparable to the taste of cereal milk. Caffeine free.

Brown Sugar
+A fan favorite: black tea base with brown sugar lining the cup to five a toasted sugar taste
Matcha Latte
+A fan favorite: Creamy and bright earthy green tea with savory taste at the end. 
Thai Tea
+A unique flavor that brings in spices and condensed milk to create an orange drink. Perfect for those who love sweets. Pairs great with boba. Only cold.
Chai Latte
+With spices like cardamom, the flavor is a cross between a gingerbread and pumpkin spice. Perfect for hot drink lovers.


Owl Tea 
+Tea Hill's signature drink. Consists of plain oolong tea, boba, and cheese cap.
Strawberry Matcha
+A 3-layered drink with fresh strawberry puree, milk, & matcha.
Mango Matcha
+A tropical 3-layered drink with fresh mango puree, milk, & matcha.
Taro Matcha
+A sweet 3-layered drink with matcha, milk, & taro. Combines two fan favorites: Taro & Matcha
Craft Limeade
+Milky limeade containing condensed milk and fresh limes.
Pink Lady
+Sweet strawberry limeade topped with a layer of strawberry puree.
+Sweet & tart passion fruit green tea with boba and lychee jelly included.
Dirty Tiger
+A milk base & brown sugar along the side, topped with boba. Caffeine Free
Double Dirty Tiger
+Milk based with brown sugar topped with 2 shots espresso, boba & cream cheese cap.


Bloody Dirty Tiger
+Strawberry milk with a layer of fresh strawberry puree. Caffeine Free
Lavender Matcha
+A 2-layered drink containing matcha & lavender to create a floral & earthy flavor.
Lavender Earl Grey
+Earl grey tea base with lavender flavoring that delivers floral notes in every sip.
Mango Milk Tea
+Smooth green milk tea base with a layer of fresh & sweet mango puree.
Strawberry Milk Tea
+Black milk tea base with a layer of fresh & sweet strawberry puree.
Lychee Milk Tea
+Milky green tea base with lychee flavoring & hints of floral notes. 
Wintermelon Milk Tea
+Smooth and creamy black tea base with sweet hints of vanilla and cucumber.
Salty Caramel Milk Tea
+Creamy black milk tea with salty caramel finish. Perfect hot & cold.
Salty Caramel Chocolate
+Caffeine-Free drink with chocolate and caramel to create the best chocolate milk


Caramel Milky Way 
+Milky and sweet slush with caramel drizzle along the side. Boba & pudding included.
Taro Slush
+Creamy and milky taro slush, topped with whipped cream and a cereal like after taste.


Sunny Slush
+Creamy pineapple & mango with strawberry puree. Boba & pineapple jelly included.
Matcha Slush
+Sweet matcha slush with cream cheese cap along the side and topped with whipped cream and matcha powder. 
Ruby Slush


Peach Oolong
+With a sweet aroma & taste, this tea creates a refreshing flavor. A sheer white tea with a delicate flavor that's perfect for cold days.
+Prized as the highest grade of green tea from Japan with its full-bodied seaweed and earthy notes.
Brown Rice Gyokuro
+A blend of sencha and toasted rice that brings a toasted, nutty flavor with the earthiness of green tea.

Four Season Oolong
+Smooth & light with a slightly floral taste and slightly creamy finish. Part of our white tea collection.
Tie guan yin Oolong
+Smooth & creamy texture with fruity & roasted notes. Roasted oolong with sweet taste.
Tie guan yin Oolong Milk
+Smooth with roasted & fruity notes & holds a heavier, more complex aroma.
Sakura Green
+A sheer green tea with a floral aroma. The taste of rich and earthy flavors linger after.

cold brew

Osmanthus Oolong
+A light, bright, sweet flavor & a fruity, floral aroma with hints of apples & apricots.
Tropical Fruit Oolong
+Light with hints of passion fruit, mango, and oolong to make the perfect 'tea fruit punch.'
Pineapple Four Season Oolong
+Smooth and light tea with a floral & pineapple notes. A sheer tea with a creamy finish.


+A hot coffee with equal parts of coffee & steamed milk & a layer of milk foam.
+A coffee classic: Two shots of espresso & water. No sugar added.

+Hot: Two shots of espresso, steamed milk, and a thin layer of foam.
+Ices: Two shots espresso poured over milk and ice.


French Vanilla | Mocha | Pumpkin Spice | Salted Caramel | Toffee


Ice Levels:

Zero | Less | Regular

ice 3 cubes_edited.jpg

Sugar Levels:

0% None | 25% Little | 50% Half | 75% Less | 100% Regular

Substitute Milks:

Almond | Coconut | Soy | Organic Whole | Fresh 2%


Brown Sugar Bob | Lychee Jelly | Pineapple Jelly | Red Bean | Pudding | Single Espresso Shot | Double Espresso Shot | Cream Cheese Cap 

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