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Fruit Teas

Our fruit teas are shaken with fruit flavoring with one of our four bases (Assam Black, Floral Jasmine Green, Taiwan Oolong, and Earl Grey) and then poured over ice to create a sweet, tart, and refreshing drink.

Sugar and Ice levels are adjustable.


Passion Fruit (B/G) 
+Tart & Sweet Passion fruit tea with you choice of green or black tea
Mango (G/B)
+Tropical & sweet mango tea with your choice of green or black tea
Wintermelon (B/G)
+Sweet vanilla notes & cucumber with your choice of green or black tea
Lychee Green
+Jasmine green tea with lychee flavoring
Peach Oolong
+Oolong tea with sweet peach flavoring
Strawberry Black
+Assam black tea with strawberry flavoring
+Tart pineapple flavoring with your choice of any tea base


Milk Teas

Our creamy milk teas are made using one of our base teas (Assam Black, Floral Jasmine Green, Taiwan Oolong, and Early Grey), then shaken with creamer and sweetener and pour over ice or served hot. 


Classic Black 
+A fan favorite milk tea for it rick and deep flavor and creamy texture. High caffeine level. Pairs well with boba.
Floral Jasmine Green
+Creamy green milk tea with hints of flor notes. Low caffeine level. Pairs best with pudding & boba.
Taiwan Oolong
+The perfect light cross between green and black tea with refreshing roasted and floral notes.
Earl Grey
+Similar to black tea with hints of floral and citrus flavors. High caffeine level. 
+Sweet and creamy milk with hints of vanilla. Comparable to the taste of cereal milk. Caffeine free.
Brown Sugar
+A fan favorite: black tea base with brown sugar lining the cup to five a toasted sugar taste
Matcha Latte
+A fan favorite: Creamy and bright earthy green tea with savory taste at the end. 
Thai Tea

+A unique flavor that brings in spices and condensed milk to create an orange drink. Perfect for those who love sweets. Pairs great with boba. Only cold.
Chai Latte

+With spices like cardamom, the flavor is a cross between a gingerbread and pumpkin spice. Perfect for hot drink lovers.

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